What is CVXML ?

CVXML (Curriculum Vitae Extensible Markup Language) is a computer language for format less CV. Its syntax is base on XML and can be process with the help of any language like PHP, ASP or C++. There are a certain set of rules which lay the basis of creating a standard CV format that are set by the CVXML working group. CVXML currently in beta phase and its file extension is .cvx.

CVXML for Employees

Employees can have a number of advantages if they create their CV in CVXML, since worrying about formats and structures is a thing of the past. Here are some of the key advantages to create your CV in CVXML format. Read More

CVXML for Employers

With the helping hand of CVXML, employers can now breathe a sigh of relief. Going through the trouble of sorting out a number of CVs just because of a difference in formats, with the end result being less than satisfactory, will no longer be an issue. With CVXML, employers can say goodbye to all that hard work. Here are some of the key benefits outlined: Read More


The idea popped up in my head back in fall 2010 when I used to work as a senior developer at Infinilogics. I was in charge of handling the CVs of every person who had applied for the position of junior PHP developer. It became a pain to handle a large number of CVs, since they were either in a different format, contained unwanted information, or had some key components missing. CVXML was created to make the entire process easier by making sure all documents followed a common format. Read More